{the process} of building a house 4

front of house

^^ Front of house ^^

house tour

^^ Back of house ^^


^^ This photo is taken when standing in the hall way (to the kids’ rooms) looking in the Living room – you can see the “entrance” there with the front door. That half wall is where the stairs to the basement are. The doorway on the left of the photo is to the hall that leads to the Master bedroom (and has the garage entrance as well). See the cut out on top of that door? That’s what was going to be in the cathedral ceiling of the living room (photo below) that we took out. We kept this one because other wise it was wasted space in the rafters – I had some ideas of how to make this look good.


^^ The cathedral wall/ceiling. On the left of the door way is the living room. (The door way leads to the kids’ rooms and bathroom) On the right is the dining area -and walkout to deck.


^^ Different angle, same wall.


^^ Walk through that door way and to your right – you see my daughters bedroom. I don’t have a photo of my son’s because they’re the same. Her bedroom was a tad bigger – he had more windows. Their shared (and the guest) bathroom is inbetween the bedrooms.


^^ Go back to the living room and here the photo is taken from the corner of the living room looking into the dining/kitchen area. Again – that door way on your right leads to our bedroom/the garage/hallway and closets. Aaron’s looking out onto the deck from the dining area – to the right of him is where the counters/sink and island would have been.


^^ This is that closet we changed from the laundry to a “normal” closet that we were going to make a desk behind doors. Down the hall a but further is yet another closet for coats/storage. The door that’s lit to the right is our master bedroom.


^^ Master Bedroom! We decided to go with the Trey Ceiling after all. Loved it. The walk in closet would be to your right from this photo – the bathroom to your left.

Now for the basement


^^ These are the hallways in the basement (and the rest of the house) they’re wide! And the ceilings in the basement were taller than usual which made it feel huge. The basement was my favorite part of the house, you see. It was going to have my very own laundry room and a PLAYROOM! A PLAYROOM!


^^ Sorry for the bad photo – when you walk down the stairs (there’s a door to go through) and then you see this – it’s the hall way to the mechanical room – the first door on your right is the bathroom, then the middle room is the laundry room – the last door is the mechanical/storage/unfinished room.


^^ The laundry room. It was small, sure – but I had big ideas.


^^ After you walk through the hallway (which above I talked about how wide they were) you hit the rec room/walk out. Aaron’s standing in the doorway to the PLAYROOM! You can see Aaron looking up more than once in some of these photos – he’s checking out the ceiling. We had two different treatments done to the ceiling – main floor we did skip trowel (we didn’t like the look of crows feet) and in the basement we went with crows feet. It turned out well.


^^ Here’s the under the stair’s storage. Also known as Secret Hideout.


^^ THE PLAYROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANGELS SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!


^^ The rec room/walk out. To the right of this is the guest bedroom but apparently I don’t have a photo of that?

House while being built

^^ I kid, I kid. Here’s the guest bedroom or possibly an office or both. In the basement.

And there you have it. I’m so glad you could come to our house šŸ™‚ Even if only virtually. Just this morning I was thinking about how much I would have LOVED having that laundry room as I was folding way too many clean clothes on my bed. Again.

A few other things we know we missed out on when we sold this house (and were long conversations in doing so) was the neighborhood and all the kids in it. Our daughter had already made friends and was so excited to play at “the yellow house!” or the “brown house!” whenever we went to check on the progress of ours.

We had a crazy story with the neighbors that would have been directly across the street from us – and everyone was very nice. So nice! We were really looking forward to being a part of that for a while.

But alas – there are other plans for our family … and we’re embracing them šŸ™‚

House while being built

Goodbye House!!

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