My day has been a little insane by my own doing. Yesterday I kind of started the madness and today I’m full out kicking ass and taking names.

Before I started the decent into Crazy Town I took the kids to a coffee shop to color.


The differences between my kids’ coloring methods is quite stark. One is complete mayhem and the other is actually looking like her brain waves are under control. (We’ve been waiting a long time for that to happen.)

I had this conversation with my daughter in the car:

Her: I listen better at school.

Me: Why is that? However, I’m happy to hear that.

Her: I get more playtime. Like, if I get to play more then I can concentrate and listen better.

Me: {Completely confused by her statement yet somehow I understand her logic} Uh? And how is being at home DIFFERENT than that? You play all day!

Her: Well. Yeah, but. It’s different. MOM! I can’t explain it.

Me: I see. Maybe you need less screen time at home? Would that help?

Her: NOPE! Not at all. That’s how I relax.

Me: You are contradicting yourself. I’m confused.

Her: Stop it. I don’t know what that means. What are we talking about?

Me: Ok, never mind. BUT! I would like you to listen more at home so I’m making a sign for the TV, Computer and games – it’ll say STOP and when the sign is out – you have to find something else to do or help me with a chore. Good?

Her: {Grumbles} Fine.

This coming off the heels of a “deal” we just made with her – she has 30 days to improve her attitude around here (this means, respectful attitude towards others, working well in a team (family), picking up after herself, putting her clothes away and to stop sniffing (she needs to blow her nose!) and bitting her nails) then we’ll buy her a NintendoDS with 2 games.

One of those games has to be educational – the other … her pick.

Guess what happened overnight? I got my kid back. We’re on day 2 and I have a helpful, respectful child who loves to pick up after herself and share the funniest stories.

I’ll see you in about 10 days. We might be starting over.

SO ANYWAY. The point of this WTF? post has more to do with the fact that I just gave about 1/4 of our storage unit to Goodwill and finally collected the last few boxes for the kids … books, toys etc and found my sewing notions. Then I went through ever box and found one full of paper napkins.

This shit has got to go. Only a potion of load one.

I was already pissed to begin with – enough CRAP already – but a box of paper napkins?? You have got to be kidding. We’ve been paying $67 a month to store a box of paper napkins? These little fuckers are worth over $400 right about now and I. Am. So. Sick. Of. It.

WHO NEEDS NAPKINS!???!?!?!?!!!!

Here’s the load of boxes I took home … which should also read: the same amount of shit is leaving this here apartment to exchange for what’s in these boxes.


I am giving stuff away.

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