Me again!

I’m still on fire with the clearing stuff out of our lives – made 2 trips to unload stuff this morning. I did feel a little bad about the whole ordeal when our landlord and the plumber came by this morning and had to literally walk through a path of boxes.

It was an all out scene from hoarders there for a minute and I probably scared our landlord. Poor guy.

Oh well! I’m now on to clearing out the cabinets and closets that we’ve been using and stuffing (hiding) things in for the past 7 months and I’m all for the cutesy “re use what you have” method of organizing, really I am – but some times you just need to start over.

Like forget you ever had an entire closet of glass jars and containers to work with and just get on with it. The more time and energy I put into this the less I care that I might have save $15 by looking, yet again, for one more jar/7 more whatever’s, etc.

Because (who’s with me?) Time=Money.

I will be the first person in line to a Dave Ramsey seminar, I’ll read his books over and over – I’ll study and check out other authors from the library and menu plan, grocery shop, coupon clip and 2nd hand my way to a wardrobe but there are days … days out of years and years that some times, something has to give.

I’ve reached a point in my stay-at-home parenting life that my time is just too valuable to be the person who does it all. This stage in my life my lot happens to be cooking, cleaning and caring for my kids. Being their ride. Being their entertainment. Being their teacher. So I probably won’t be volunteering for a committee or taking on clients for photography or being the first person who always raises my hand when a need is announced.

There’s a time for that – and a balance to all of those things. Right now? I’m learning that there’s also a time to sit down and read some Dr. Suess. Right now is my time to play with leggos, forget to wash my hair, try every kind of roll out cookie recipe just so we find the perfect one for our cookie cutters. Now is my kids’ time with me – it’s more and more apparent that this time is limited. It’s precious.

I just don’t want to be the parent who forgot to enjoy their kids. I don’t want my grandkids to be my “second shot” at enjoying children.

Because my kids are kind of awesome – and I want to enjoy that now.

So, darn it all, I’m buying a new jar.

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