Mr. Ducky

Mr. Ducky first appeared in to our lives as a gift from one of Aaron’s aunt’s after our son was born.

Sleeping with the duck, Mr. Duck.

I had had a blanket (lovely) since I was a baby, our daughter had a blanket and I had prepared myself with miniature blankets for this baby too never thinking that he might instead attatch himself to a stuffed animal. A duck.

Playing, rolling, scooting

It was love at first sight for the kid and it had everything to do with how this animal felt. He immediately touched it, felt it and didn’t let go of it. It was apparent right away that this duck was his favorite.

Sleepy dude

The very first Mr. Ducky stayed with us about a year – give or take a month or two. We lost the first one somewhere in the parking lot of Aaron’s office. We back tracked – looked all over and under the other cars around and never found him again. So I went on the hunt for another one … ebay came to the rescue and I ordered a replacement.


And Mr. Ducky has been a part of our every day lives for the past 2 1/2 years.


He’s so loved that most of his stuffing is gone and although he does occasionally spend time away from Oliver, Mr. Ducky is always ready and willing to be scooped back up and loved some more.

Mr Ducky was forgotten for a while



They’re kind of inseparable.

Mr. Ducky, too

loves to brush his teeth

Then we lost Mr. Ducky 2.0 – again somewhere in the parking lot of Aaron’s office. Or possibly at the Sec. Of State. Or the bank. We back tracked and called and visited and re-stepped our fateful day for the following 24 hours of losing him and nothing came up. So we went on the hunt for another Mr. Ducky … only this time I wasn’t having luck. Ebay was not coming to the rescue. The store where he was originally purchased offered nothing similar.

My son settled on a “baby ducky” and made peace with the the new version of the love of his little life. AND THEN I FOUND THE ORIGINAL MR. DUCKY ON AMAZON!!!!!!!!!

And bought two.

He's here!!!! Mr. Ducky LIVES!!!!!

They came today … and right now my little guy’s sleeping so when he wakes up he’ll have the best surprise waiting for him šŸ™‚

I hope he hasn’t forgotten.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Ducky

  1. You have Mr. Ducky, we have Blue Dog. He’s totally impossible to find everywhere, so we’re S-O-L if he ever gets lost! I hope you post a follow up later!

  2. I love, love, love that last picture with Mr. Ducky waiting for him!!!! <3

    Cody started with a mini blankie, but has grown super fond of teddy over the last few years. Teddy does everything with him now, and more recently has a more grown up name – Ted. šŸ™‚

  3. I love your blog!!! Can you tell me what brand Mr. Duck is? He’s adorable,-just like your son!

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