The title of this post accurately describes my last 24 hours. Aaron’s been out of town since the 12th of this month – he’s in Boulder, Co for some work stuff and was supposed to be home yesterday at noon. Duh duh duh DUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!

Weather in the midwest canceled his flight entirely, twice.

Then I got sick with what would appear to be random allergies? Or maybe I’m just allergic to the notion of one more day without that guy. Seriously. Withdraws. We went from spending every day with him in Oklahoma to easing our way back into the normal life of work/distractions/schools to him being gone entirely for 8 (now 10) days.

Now my son is sick, too. Another ear infection and some weird cough induced vomiting. YAY MONDAY!

So I’m on strike. Send donuts.

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