This morning was hair cut morning!

But also organize your life morning:

Thank you @organizedliving!! I now have a functional spice drawer :)

The morning after:


As well as the beginning of the re-instating traditions:

My family is put back together and it feels great. Grrrrrrrrrrrreat I tell you!

Maybe I haven’t said this lately, at all or enough: but I really really like my husband. We have our ups and downs as is wont to happen when you’re married for any length of time – and the 7th year has turned out to be a surprising one, in good ways more than bad. A learning curve, a leaning curve and all kinds of possibilities.

Coming out from under the rock that has been the last few months (maybe years) of uncertainty and worry … we have nothing figured out and all the hope in the world – but the shift is: we have it together.



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