Things We Love To Do

Spring is in the air and Rapunzel is lending her hair for this wreath.

Prehistoric pouch think duct-tape madness on steroids. Love these.

So you’re {insert hunter you know} didn’t get a deer this year no biggie, I bet his fireplace could use some Feng Shui instead.

Problem is, so could his bedroom floor and your sanity. A DIY hamper.

An upholstered bench. I might have something up my sleeve where this is concerned. We need to keep our options open when it comes to seating. It’s a sickness.

A paper lantern which is adorable. I’m thinking of a certain someone’s birthday coming up (hint: he’ll be 3 and we aren’t saying that out loud because I cry) and the theme I’m leaning towards is either Circus or Dinosaurs. Vast difference, yes. But the lantern could be incorporated with either one – just changing up the decor.

Tattoo art tshirts – these are awesome. I can’t stop thinking of my next tattoo (and actually, now there are 2 more I know I want) so I’m a tad obsessed with this right now.

My daughter is really interested in kites lately so we’ve been making a different one almost every day – these on the list soon.

Wooden wall Also? Possible headboard or art work for the wall. I love this.

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