on being female

I’m not very girly but thats not because I have a lack of interest – I just … don’t get it. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I actually started wearing makeup. I had my colors done and I have not once ventured outside of what was suggested since then.

I wear eye shadow, eye liner and mascara every day. That’s it. I don’t try new things – I go back to the same store to buy the same product in the same color when I run out (which has happened only once since then).

I have nothing against make up or wearing more of it, there’s nothing wrong with skin routines and 4 different applications of body scrubs in the shower – I just don’t do them.

Part of me wants to. I want to smell like a field of flowers and have other women ask me what I’m wearing because I smell so lovely. I’d love to be complimented on my jewelry or asked for tips on how I did my hair but the truth is – I don’t have them.

I don’t have tips. Or a collection of amazing jewelry. I don’t own any perfume and I can’t stand having more than one bottle of necessary body wash open in the shower at once.

I’m a simple girl. Sarah, Plain and Tall. Only it’s Jodi, short and unfussy.

My maintenance has more to do with my heart and my mind than it does with my lashes, legs or lack of curls. You can ask my husband, he’s very aware of the work involved in making me feel loved. (And he’s good at it, too;))

But I’m raising a girly girl. Who likes lace, necklaces piled high and rings, SPARKLES and glitter! The more the merrier! Dresses! Skirts! Fashion! Shoes!


I made a big step today in my personal routine and my commitment to being a woman and all that it means for me. I bought a hair do-hickey. An accessory.

A straightener.

To go along with the travel-size blow-dryer I’ve had since I first moved out of my parent’s house. Aaron has more hair product than I do – bottles and bottles that he applies every morning and it looks great. He knows what he’s doing – me? I literally take notes when I’m with my hair dresser.

I went with bangs :) first haircut in about 9 months!

And I like the bang look for myself – lessens the load of my forehead and gives me a little dimension when growing out my locks. But she used a straightener to get this effect and now I’m fumbling my way through how to go about looking even close to this on my own.

After my first try using it I’m kind of in love. It’s silly to me but I love this girly side I’m finding.

And right now I have TWO bottles of unnecessary body wash open in the shower – they smell great.

Mommy and Jessa some more

I’m 21 years old in the above photo (with my baby girl) and, I don’t know, I think I look fine. But it’s time to just … improve a few things. Get my Girly on.

I’m trying.

(And taking suggestions, tips, how to’s and ideas!!)

12 thoughts on “on being female

  1. Manicures and pedicures always make me feel polished – even when my clothes have holes in them.

    Also, I have go-to jewelry I wear every day – it’s routine and simple – but the jewelry itself is loud enough to make a statement. Big gold hoops or a harness necklace. So maybe that’s my advice – find signature pieces and make them a part of your routine.

  2. Oh, Jodi! You are so funny!! I love your new hair cute and I love that you are tip-toeing into girliness! Its fun…don’t be afraid! I don’t wear even as much make-up as you do, and I only do my hair every other day…so you can definitely be girly without being high maintenance!

    Of course, I do have my indulgences…good shampoo, I love perfume, nice (fragrance free) lotions and tons of hair product…for when I get in the mood to actually do something fun with my hair!

    I love that Jessica is influencing this…and doesn’t even know it šŸ™‚

  3. Yes! Great ideas ladies – keep them coming šŸ™‚ Thank you!

    Signature jewelry – so funny – I actually had this in high school but I lean more towards gold now and haven’t replaced any of my “go to” pieces. I need to get out there and try some stuff.

    And I bought my very own first bottle of hair product today. Bed Head – After Party. My head smells like butterflies on crack. I love it.

  4. Find a signature scent – an essential oil, even. I’ve stuck with the same perfume for going on 8 years.

    Scrub your hands vigorously with olive oil and sugar the next time you’re cooking with the stuff anyway Your hands will look 10 years younger and your nails will shine, too!

    Moisturize. A lot. And as far as I’m concerned nothing gives your skin a prettier glow than Noxema. Plus the scent is energizing.

  5. a clear top coat for your nails does wonders. oh and i love the olive oil/sugar idea from the commenter above, just tried it! love.

  6. way to go, Jodi! I have to admit you did not fall far from the tree….I started wearing makeup when I was 31……and never have looked back. Wahoo!

  7. Love the new hair! I’m so afraid to try bangs, I’m proud of your braveness šŸ™‚ Is that a word? Anyway, I agree you don’t have to be high maintenance to be girly! Do a good job straightening and you should only have to do it every other day. And it’s mascara and eye liner for me and I’m out the door šŸ™‚

  8. I got “banged” (side bangs, too) a few months ago… and I’ve never been happier! Also, purchased my first hair straightener about two weeks after the cut. I’m going girly over here, too. What, i ask, is in the air? Like the hair, hun!

  9. So you only have to straighten every other day? I do not have magical hair and I need to wash it every 24 hours lest I start to look like I’m manufacturing my own oil.

    Tandy and Katie – I will definitely be trying to EVOO and sugar and I’ve been reading in a couple different blogs how to make your own face wash with the stuff too. I’m interested. Has anyone tried that? I’m more oily to begin with so I’m a tad hesitant to go this far … but I’m on the edge any way.

    Thank you all – you should definitely put some photos in the flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/jodimichellecom/ of your lovely hair or favorite jewelry/products/tips and outfits. I’m all eyes, friends!

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