Living room, finally!

living room

Yes yes, I know. We’re going on the third week since I told you all I finally bought a new couch and then teased you about what it might look like once it got here.

Forgive me.

The couch came (going on) two weeks ago. But Aaron was out of town and {confession!} I am not good at figuring out how to put a room together. Decorating the room? I love that, I’ll spend time on it – but where the chairs should be? Which way the couch faces, the rug and so on? I just, it’s not what I understand very well.

Aaron on the other hand thinks in graph paper logical configuration and can place a room together beautifully without ever trying very hard. I married a mansexual, what can I say?

Then I was waiting for day light to finally grab some photos of the room – I was going to get some flowers, let the sun stream in through the windows – hide all the kids’ toys and pretend I didn’t have a mountain of laundry behind me so I could fake a photo of our life.

Turns out that shit takes too long.

Living room

So here’s the real deal. Saturday morning – this was our living room.

Living room

The ottomans? Are amazing, I love them so much. Storage! Comfortable foot rests! The pillow is EGADS adorable (although, sadly, one seem is already coming apart). The couch? Looks good.

It is not comfortable. At all. It’s like sitting on a high back pew – with Granny’s flat butt cushion for a little respite.

Ah well. It was under budget and will keep us from lounging for hours on end when we should be doing something else.

Proactive approach to uncomfortable couches – sit less!

There you have it, friends. This is version 3.0 of the “Apartment Living” Living-Room. I think we’ll just sit tight with this one for a while. Until the next one!

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