I’m feeling some nagging lately, do you ever have that? Something inside keeps trying to come to the surface, let it’s little hairy brain be known and you continue to push it down, hold it in and keep foraging ahead. No matter that what you’re leaving in the wake of your journey are opportunities you never seized.

Better known as regrets.

pretty flower buds

I’m just going to leave it there for now. This opens all kinds of wounds for me and none of them are crying for attention, it’s just that as a few months ago while I was so ready for it to snow now I’m more than ready to see it go.

This past winter has been a Wintery season for us, with wonderfully sunny days. I love how the seasons change and often if we look hard enough we can see our lives, families, bodies and spirits change in the same way. Now I can see the pattern and the open doors ahead of us but there still seems to be strings attached to the dimly lit room we can’t escape … yet.

Bring it on March. I know you’re going to snow some more – you always do. I’m armed with the knowledge that at the other side of you are bulbs sewing their roots, sunshine peeking through and an easier path to the other side of tomorrow.

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