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We had a wonderful weekend. Which was a nice surprise from how much I was dreading it. It all started with friends – we were on our way to our local coffee shop haunt still debating how to make our weekend one that we didn’t both despise by Sunday night when we spotted some of our friends walking into another coffee shop.

Plans changed! We followed.

It was the perfect perspective to start our weekend on: someone else. Friends. Relaxing. Easy conversation. Laughter.

The coffee plans quickly became a dinner for masses plans that evening with homemade pizza’s. Bring the kids!

So we did. We went on our way to Java Gym for the afternoon as promised to our daughter. An adventure!! She required.

Saturday night was filled with so much laughter, so many stories. Dancing, food, wine and kids running amok. It was a picture of the perfect happiness when you share the space of living with friends.

I think I miss my friends. Aside from this weather and living in the apartment for the extended period of who-knows-how-long … our weekends used to be like this, at our house. We’re going to figure out how to make those memories happen more often, no matter where we are.

And where does kissing fit into all of this? It’s the cherry on top.

So last night – our son woke up and had no idea what he wanted. In the midst of the haze that is a sleepy two year old he turned to me, took my face in his baby chubby hands and planted one on me.

Then laid down, content.

If there are only a handful of moments I store away in my memory bank that I get to keep forever, without fail, no matter where my mind goes in old age; I want that moment to be one of the freshest.

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