Game changer: relationships

I don’t write as often about our daughter as I do our son. I also don’t post as many photos of her as I do him.

She’s 6, he’s still 2. The cuteness of her life has changed where as being two is cute almost all the time. He’s half drunk-man half irresistible-toddler. It’s hilarious.

She’s started being self-conscious about what other people think of her. Laughing means we’re making fun of her when really she’s just awesome and we’re enjoying her story, the way she thinks, her ideas.

She absolutely loves to look at this site often asking me to read her the stories (her words, not mine ;)) and is always very excited when I write about her brother and even her.

But I don’t want the scale to be so terribly tipped to one side. I am so in love with both of my children it can literally drive me insane some days. I smother, admittedly. I can’t get enough of them. I love the way their hair smells – the small of the neck fits right in my cheek. I could probably bite my sons cheeks and never be full.

Her hands are the most delicate things I’ve ever held – but they’re often stronger than mine and I can’t wait for her to realize that too.

So, maybe this is for her – when we read it together later, that she’ll know I think about her as often as him. That she consumes more of my emotional energy on any given day and probably always will because she is who she is. Which is amazing.

But there comes an age when children start to realize they have their own voice so for me to be borrowing her’s for content here – it gets tricky. I don’t want to be writing her own story – thats for her to do, in her own way, if she ever wants to.

I can write about parenting her, mothering her. I can write about days we spend together and how proud I am of her accomplishments. But sharing the ins and outs of her day – like I often share of her brother – it just seems to cross a line.

She’s very much a kid and I’m very much the parent – but she’s starting to come of age in her own way and doing that in front of an audience is not something she ever asked for.


She is my favorite … girl. For the record. šŸ™‚

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