The perfect job?


Yesterday on Facebook I mentioned a job posting for a gas station and my thoughts on applying for it – I’ve thought a lot more about it (obviously) and here’s why I think it’s the perfect job for me.

The gas station that is hiring in our area also has a laundromat attached to it, so 2 birds … 1 stone. Easy.

A gas station is pretty much a well stocked pantry of junk food. I can stock a pantry. Skill set of homemaker: WIN!

There’s an intercom to greet customers at the pump with. It’s about time I used up all those useless movie-line quotes on unsuspecting people.

They sell hotdogs. (Jodi’s favorite food that we never alert her pancreas to, we just go with it)

They keep the gas station super clean. Again with the skill set of a homemaker: I can bleach the shit out of tile floors, windex windows and scrub other peoples poop explosions without batting an eye. Diaper changing PHD, you’re welcome.

I secretly love being a cashier and working with money (last “real job” was with a Bank).

I’m sure that working with the public again would hone all kinds of people skills I’ve lost over the last 6 years. Reminder: don’t call every one “Honey” or “Buddy”. Could be awkward later.

I get a sick satisfaction from counting change. Remember the attached Laundromat? All kinds of quarters. Probably even loose change sitting around. Seriously, don’t touch it. Stop looking at me.

Are there perks like a discount on your own gas? Maybe even free gallons per week? ZOMG, I’m applying. Filling up the boat of a minivan is starting to be close to rent each month. And by close I mean less than half – which is still quite the hike from 6 months ago. Still.

I would encounter all kinds of people. Not just moms. Or the grocery getters mid week. Not just blue-hairs and people who share my gene-pool. There would be all kinds of faces to see.

I seem to be a magnet for awkward interactions, embarrassing moments in public and generally being caught in the middle of something that just doesn’t happen to everyone. So the content alone from working outside of the home again … would be priceless.

What did I miss?

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  1. I have been looking for a PT job myself. Unfortunately, I would only be available in the evenings and, well, my mom won’t let me work at a gas station at night. I am 30.

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