Things We Love To Do

Turn your table into a play house Living in an apartment with little room for sprawling out and playing – this makes great use of wasted space. Hours and hours of imagination.

Ziggity Zaggity sew a skirt! Spring is around the corner and I hope to learn enough about patterns and seams in time to make a few skirts and dresses for my girl.

Mardi Gras cookies or mascaraed ball tea party!

Drawstring pouch perfect for rock collections, fairy dust and flower petals. Taking a walk never felt so magical.

Tool belt! Make one!

Mirrored bowls Is that a plate collage on your wall? Maybe it’s a mirror arrangement? Wait – are those bowls?? HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?

Make a couch. Yes please.

Shadow puppets – this came up the other night as we were getting ready for bed. Our daughter wanted to make finger shadow puppets with a flash light. I might just surprise her with these šŸ™‚

Front facing book shelves this is actually super helpful for kids. Being able to see what they’re choosing from. Problem is – we need about 10 of them.

Chevron canvas rock it.

Ruffle skirt! Again, with the sewing and the girl. I love this stuff.

Industrial fabric liners for baskets Love love love.

Bubble chandelier Oh. My. This is awesome.

Rainbow printable art Already have mine.

Stencil on a tshirt with freezer paper fun for so many reasons. You can turn their own art into a tshirt – you can make themed shirts for Holidays, birthdays, special occasions. Very fun.

Want more? I’ve got all kinds of lists of Things We Love To Do here.

6 thoughts on “Things We Love To Do

  1. Oh, those salad bowls! There are always stacks and stacks of them at Goodwill and the like. I’ve always though that I’d like to make little pendant lights out of them, bit this mirror idea rocks, too!

    Jodi, you need to come on over for an afternoon of sewing – I have lots of vintage bedsheets needing to be made into sundresses and i would love to share!

  2. So many great ideas. I just posted a skirt I made for my Girlie but now I think I need to make both of those too. And make bookshelves, and definitely buy some freezer paper too. Thanks for linking to my play house!

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