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Note to self: The months of January and February are months to drive you insane while living in an apartment. It’d be best to plan your escape for next year right this minute whilst you still feel the pain of being so incredibly trapped, so terribly stuck.

Baking always makes you happy – so don’t stop doing it just because you can’t eat it. Bake it for your family, give it away if you need to – but bake … for pete’s sake. It feeds your soul.

Have burnt on eggs or other leftovers from a pan? Maybe your crock pot has seen better days? Perk up! Drizzle some baking soda in the pot, pan or crock pot – add water to cover afflicted areas and bring to boil, then rinse and clean to sparkling. Easy.

Enjoy the quotes you continue to hear/see and remember about how You already have everything you need. You’re already the person you always dreamed of. Don’t look for the next opportunity – the one you have at hand is your opportunity.

Watch for great book recommendations: then read them. Currently I’m reading Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society and loving it. This morning I heard about Heaven Is For Real and I can’t wait to read that as well.

Magazines … oh how you love magazines. Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living. All of these magazines (and more) give you the needed window into something else. You crave these windows and spend happy hours peeking through their panes. Splurge, woman. Give yourself that happiness.

You’ve started house hunting out of desperation for something new. This is cyclical in your life. You get bored then you get busy … then you get bored again. We’re probably dealing with something deeper (because, seriously, when aren’t we?) but you’re wise enough to know this cycle. Let’s face it head on.

Should we stay or should we go? There are out-of-state-moving opportunities … but then there are stay-right-here opportunities and all kinds of other options right now. I’m exhausted from being so fluid. Let’s just buy land in Spain and build that French inspired home with a wine cellar and views. A garden, an easy path to town and the sea. I’m ready!! Come and get me, Spain! We always wanted to be bilingual and what better immersion program is there for our kids?

You continue to deal with your expectation issues and it’s a good thing – growing like this. We’ll call it maturity. You’ve had restraint at wanting to soap box issues or use this site or other venues online for some passive aggressive heat. We’re proud of you, self. Baby steps.

After a serious hiatus from taking photos of any kind with a real camera, this weekend you picked her back up, apologized and tickled her buttons. She thanked you by playing nice. You’re all kinds of smitten.

So, good. We’re going to be OK. Get out of your head. Look up, watch the stars. They shine brighter than this stupid computer any way šŸ™‚

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