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Buck fifty or both #thrifting

I went Thrifting yesterday and found some great deals! I even bought a few (but not the above canisters which were only $1.50 for the both of them – if you’re in Holland and just HAVE TO HAVE them – go to Bibles For Mexico on Lincoln.)

I’ll be back later today after a playdate, coffee, running errands, looking at a house and running outside in the 60 degree weather to show you what I did scoop up.

Among them:

# Vintage wrapping paper (scraps really) A whole bag for a quarter! I have ideas!!

# Small pitcher

# Cream pitcher

# Books

# Hats for my boy

Etc etc etc! Can’t wait to show you!

I also, ehum, actually bought my kids fancy-schmancy Easter clothes. And an accessory for my daughter! I spent too much money, to be perfectly honest, but maybe you’ll know why when you see them. Either that or I’ll finally be motivated to sew and then I can return the store bought items.

Buyers Remorse = Me. Every. Single. Time.

Ok – off to grab coffee for motivation after being woken up at 5am by the boy.

first Morning.

I’m not complaining … the trade off was his sweaty little head right next to mine for the last 2 hours we all tried to get some sleep. Instead we were showered with his scattered thoughts about boogers, coughing and why he thinks it’s morning time. The best kind of slumber-induced conversation at 5am, if you ask me.

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