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Earlier today I dangled some low lying fruit in front of you about my thrifting adventure yesterday.

I got what I needed to get done this morning:

Busy Spring morning

And now I can show off my finds!


^^ Cream pitcher (35 cents)


^^ Small pitcher (two bucks)


^^ Sampling of the vintage wrap scrap (one quarter)


^^ Bow necklace ($2.50)


^^ Linen tea towel (just a dolla!)


^^ Cross stitch frame (25 cents)

(I’m new to the watermarking of photos, so pardon the various sizes. It was either uniformity or actually get this post published. I chose the ladder.)

And then on to the Easter Clothes I bought for my kids … I melt.

Easter Clothes 2011

There’s no way I’ll learn how to sew that well before Easter so I’m convincing myself to keep the outfits for them. The tie??!!!? Oh my word. My daughter is going fuh-reak out about that purse. And the dress.

I can’t wait!

Do you guys do special dresses or slacks for Easter? Shoes? And what about thrifting – are you a fan? Have you been lately?

4 thoughts on “Showin’ off

  1. In Holland – we only went to two this time – Second Chance off Washington (by Blockbuster) and Bibles for Mexico off Lincoln (by Pauls Pharmacy). It’s hit or miss for me, last time I went I found nothing. And it depends on what you’re looking for, too. Change of seasons is generally a good time to go though – people donate more heavily during those transitions so there’s more variety 🙂

  2. I have fond memories of always getting a new Easter dress…and when I was really little, sometimes I would get an Easter hat too 🙂 I think its definitely worth the splurge..once a year, come on! Jessica will look back at pictures of her in those Easter dresses with fond memories!

  3. Oh, and I can’t wait to see pictures of your kiddos all dressed up. That tie…and that vest. Oh my!

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