Life List!

My Life List got a little update. (!!!!!)

Picture 1

When you click on “Life List” from the left hand side of my main page (navigation) you’ll see this page (above) which gives you an introduction to my Life List, who inspired it and a link to photos of things I’ve accomplished.

Right below that you see some more (and new) navigation.

Picture 2

This is where it gets sexy. You can Browse By my categories; Family centered, Personal goals, Places to see/Things to do.

So before you select any of those categories – you see this:

Picture 3

The entire list, no rhyme or reason – it’s just populated. However!! When you select (click on) a category … magic happens.

Picture 4

We “selected” Family Centered and got all the items in my Life List that are categorized as Family Centered.

Another way to see how this works it to pay attention to the “bullets” of the list – they’re all different colors, but coordinate with the categories.

Picture 12

See how the bullets are either purple, yellow or green in the above screen shot? I’d like to just see “Places To See, Things To Do” please …

Picture 8


So there’s the upgrade/update on the Life List. Nothing in the list actually changed – just how you go about interacting with it (and on my side of things, it got way easier to write about it, organize it and post about it) which is completely awesome, I think.

Go browse!! What are you waiting for?

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