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I feel so honored to have been feature on One Pretty Thing twice recently. First my Board and Batten Wall and then my tutorial for potato stamping was featured. Yay!!

Features on OnePrettyThing!

Thanks for taking a second to bask with me šŸ™‚ Now how about some more ideas, DIY’s and things we love to do?

Kid’s book bag carryall Or, ok … a messenger bag. My daughter is 6 and one major book worm … this is so perfect.

For all you budding Etsy-ers, photographers, Craigslist-ers and so on. Please, please. Take better photos. (Points finger at self.)

Map art is apparently my new heartbeat. I cannot stop looking at stuff like this. I have an idea up my sleeve about making a subway-map type print that has to do with family trips we’ve taken. Has anyone seen something like this?

Celebrate the boy with hats! I love that this how they’re categorizing this one. We’re learning the love of a boy and his hats right now. If he didn’t have me wrapped around his finger before, he certainly does now.

Sweet tooth pouch – oh skittles. How we love you in this house. A true gluten free candy, now don’t get me wrong – we eat gluten these days but when it comes to candy – they’re already getting 100 and one things they don’t need. I really appreciate that skittles keeps one of them out.

Coffee filter pom poms! Swoon. Easy! Accessible.

Apparently the internet is “over” mustaches. I AM NOT.

Faux logs … just wait. It’s rounding the corner to Camping Season where we come from and I actually heard my husband utter these words to our kids “You wanna go camping?”. It was ground breaking, can’t you tell? We went camping once when our oldest was 6 months old. That was 6 years ago. So we have some catching up to do and maybe some practicing? Fire safety? Camp fires? I think we about covered it.

Easter egg hunt bags YES! I have a sickness with little purses.

A tutorial which is so completely awesome that I won’t describe it to you. You just. You have to.

Cute sucker tags that go farther than St Patty’s day. Share a smile šŸ™‚

A velcro quiet book which is adorable and so easy!

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