This is me trying to redeem myself

Jessica's letter to Oliver

A love letter from my daughter to my son.

It get’s tricky in the middle and I have no idea what she was trying to say – but here’s the gist:

“I love Oliver Boliver Butt. Dear Oliver I love everything you do cause why cause I love you more than you know.

Coming from someone who has all the patience in the world for everyone else’s siblings but her own most of the time, this is beyond precious.

He wakes up the entire house (I’m sure that includes our neighbors, too) every single morning when not one of us actually ready to be awake. We all forgive his stomping instead of walking. But he sleeps beneath his sister’s bunk and she deals with his lack of social grace on a daily (early morning) basis. Yet she still loves the kid.

She’s a pretty great big sister. He’s very lucky.

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