Adding to the Life List

I’m adding something to my Life List today, right now actually.

A week from tomorrow we leave for our Great American Road Trip to see my brother and his family. The actual getting there is pretty special too, I’ll be traveling with my dad and my kids – something I’ve never done and haven’t done with my dad in a very very long time.

My brother moved out to Arizona five (?) years ago and I haven’t been to visit yet. It’s time. For more than one reason. I miss my brother and his family. I miss them a lot.

But my brother, aside from being a successful businessman of his own, has an artistic hobby in that he sings with a band. Has for a very long time. Singing is like Poetry to my brother (as he’s explained it before) and although I don’t believe I have musical inclination I would be honored to sing with my brother.

Memories of a lifetime.

Before it was even decided whether or not we would go out there for Spring Break I asked him if I added “Sing with my brother” to my Life List if we could accomplish that.

He said yes.

I said: DONE!

I’ve been practicing in the car with all I have in me. I want to be able to actually try something new and get outside of my insecurity and belt it out. Whether or not it’s pretty, I want to try.

And I’m gonna. With my brother. Soon.

2 thoughts on “Adding to the Life List

  1. I love your posts. Your “blogging” voice is the exact same voice you have in person. When I read them, I imagine I’m with you and we’re just talking – that is huge, not a lot of bloggers (I feel) can accomplish that!

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