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To catch you up here are some past posts about Diabetes and my health and why food plays a huge roll in my well being.

The short history is: 6 weeks before giving birth to my son (He was born May of 2008) I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and had to administer insulin twice daily along with controlling my diet, and checking my blood sugar 4 or 5 times a day as well. After I delivered a healthy 9+ pound baby my blood sugar readings didn’t return to normal for a very long time.

Here I am 3 years later with what would be considered Pre-Diabetes (type 2) or Insulin Resistance and I’m doing everything in my power to keep the diagnosis at bay for as long as I can. From what I’ve been reading and what my past history has been – unless I can keep control of how/what and when I eat, the inevitable isn’t a maybe … it’s a when and how long?

So I’ve started to schedule my meals. I try to eat at the same time every day. And also try to have the same thing every day with minimal diversions. The more scheduled I am, the more predictable my glucose level is, the healthier I am.

These are my mainstays:

Fresh Food

Kale, Carrots, Farm eggs, Romaine lettuce, Flax seed oil, Red (all colors) peppers, Spinach, Wild caught Alaskan salmon, and Green tea (with ginger and added cinnamon).

(Also, this goes without saying but this is not a recommended diet for everyone and you should absolutely consult your health care professionals before drastic changes to the way you eat or move on a daily basis.)

I haven’t been good at keeping my blood sugar under control this winter and most of it was because there was a time last summer/fall when everything was awesome. I didn’t have to poke my finger, my body was easing back into being able to digest and process foods I wasn’t able to before and I just went for it. Unfortunately I went for it without balance or a sense of when enough was enough.

I’m learning.

One of the things I have every day is a Smoothie – and this is one of the areas I get to mix things up.

Fresh Food

In every smoothie I add kale, spinach and flax seed oil and today I also had pineapple, frozen raspberries, grapefruit juice.

Otherwise my day consists of a lot of eggs, no dairy (or very little … on the weekends I treat myself to a latte), mushrooms, salmon, salads, carrots and a mix of other veggies.

Aside from the health benefits for me I’ve also noticed that I don’t get headaches, cravings or lock jaw. I sleep better and deeper, feel more rested in the mornings and am satisfied, not stuffed. Big difference.

However, it’s really hard – especially around 8 pm when all the commercials on TV are about pizza. And even though this is what I have to do right now, I’m realistic that this isn’t what I will be doing forever. Maybe every 6 months I need to reset my pancreas and this is how I go about doing it.

A year ago I made a video about what I eat …

What do you do when you need to push the reset button?

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