Address this.

Let’s talk about addresses and my superstitions about numbers.


There has been either a 1, 6 or 9 – usually all three in the last five addresses I’ve lived in.

Creepy? Or Reassuring?

It started with an introduction to the number 6, which if you’re one of those weirdo’s who associates colors with numbers like me, six is pink and I’m the most afraid of the number 6. I do not like to see more than one six next to each other, gives me the willies. And there we have Superstition Number One.

Welcome to my crazy!

The progression goes something like this:




perry house


The one we sold last summer


65 1/2

ArtPrize 2010

Even my PO Box plays nicely with with this pattern: 1263.

The house we built did not have the magic Six in the address – it’s address was 759. So, it had a nine – which I was ok with … but still some how, it unsettled me. I’ve had this pattern for so long, it was like a weird security blanket.

front of house

Part of me knew, deep down, that we wouldn’t ever make that house a home.

I love how the address we’re in now is a half. It’s not quite sure when it’ll become a whole of something, not unlike how we’re unsure of what’s next. It’s holding us, keeping us steady for now.

Do you guys keep track of houses or addresses like that? Anyone else pay attention to the numbers?

7 thoughts on “Address this.

  1. I grew up with an address of 1234 and my husband and I’s first house, where we still live, is 1235. Just progressing thru life I guess?

  2. As you know, our address is 1313. Oooh! Doubly unlucky? For us, it’s been quite the opposite:)

  3. I have always had this crazy problem with any odd numbers. I subconciously refuse to hold them in my head. For example, Kevin’s birthday is 4/13, but whenever I am asked the first thing that comes out is 4/12. With all the upset of the pregnancy with Gabe, one of the things that got me THE MOST was when they scheduled his delivery for 9/21 (he was due on 10/10). Crazy! So, yes, I do pay attention to numbers and I get this.

  4. Tandy – very nice šŸ™‚

    Katie – Odd numbers are my favorite actually. haha! Even numbers make me uncomfortable, like there’s too much to lose. It ends in a zero? Might as well BE a zero.

    This is interesting, I like it. Keep talking …

  5. My first address i remember is 3554, second 3572 third 1188 (oddball!!! townhouse in a southern state the place we lived in the shortest…) and even now it is 3352 soooo annoying… people ask me my address and i start out with 35… oh wait… and my husband always looks at me like what??? serously how long have we lived here?? but in my defence even on a good day i get numbers all scrambled up!!! BUT i have to say my love is with the number 12… šŸ™‚ ALL of my kids were either due on the 12th or born on the 12th šŸ™‚ how fun is that??? Even this applys to ME!! šŸ™‚

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