How To: Make a candy board

This comes from watching my mom do these things for special occasions while growing up.

A candy board is a big ol’ card that you make with an assortment of candy bars to substitute for the words.

How to: Make a candy board

I made one for my friend who just welcomed baby numero 3 to their family … BABIES! (I love babies.)

I ended up with these candy bars words to work with from a trip to the pharmacy.

How to: Make a candy board

And got right to work.

You’ll Need:

Poster Board (or heavy paper, any size)
Candy with words displayed on packaging
Sharpie, or pen

My camera was acting up that day so I don’t have the usual play by play of the process. But I do have this:

After you write your board out and just place the candy in for the appropriate words, you need to tape them down. I used scotch tape, easy. Just make a loop, stick that sucker to the candy and place the package to the poster board.

How to: Make a candy board

How to: Make a candy board

How to: Make a candy board

Repeat until all the packages are taped on your poster board and you’re good to go!

How to: Make a candy board

It reads:

Stacey – A SYMPHONY for you …
You’re the MAMBA of 3 MUSKETEERS!
How much have you’re OH HENRY! moments
increased? Does your brain feel like SKITTLES
from those SUGAR BABIES? I hope your
CHUCKLES have increased from all the BUNS
you see 🙂 But we married NERDS who travel
and leave us to RAISINETS the GOOBERS.
You’ve got a week of LIFESAVERS coming <3 (something along those lines, I can't remember what I said where it gets cut off in the photo ... ) You can do this with almost anything - my mom wrote me a letter for one of my bridal showers to coordinate with the gift - it was a laundry hamper full of cleaning products and the names of the products were worked into the letter. I saved it, I'll find it and share it with you - it was so fitting and completely hilarious. I like these as an alternative to Easter Baskets, First days of school, Valentines cards, and birthdays. It's a fun and easy way to make a personalized (and tasty) card. Especially if you don't have the time to bake a cake or cookies or something - grab 3 or 4 candy bars and make some one's day! (Also, no craftiness involved. So you can continue to pretend you actually make cards with your stash of paper, glue and glitter. I know you.)

3 thoughts on “How To: Make a candy board

  1. Now this is definitely my kind of card :<) I was correct in assuming any project involving sugar babies was a good one 🙂 Very cute!

  2. I want to make a baby to come for my son and his girlfriend not creative at all and was looking for some help with the wording
    My son needs a neat way to tell the family any idea’s? Kristina RN

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