Kitchen sink

You all want to see it, I know you do – but I’m talking about a different one. The one you leave behind when you pack everything else for a road trip that entails water, camping and a flight home.

You miraculously pack only one suitcase, a kids activity bag – and a “carry on” type bag of misc items you’ll need for sanity.

People, I am awesome at packing for trips.

There I said it.

And for the first time (ever?) I brought more than one pair of shoes. For me.

I remembered the tooth brushes, deodorant, shavers for the leggers, and my book.

We’re waking up at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning to beat the Chicago traffic. My dad has no sense of time when traveling – the guy spent the last 23 years flying commercially on everyone else’s time zone but his own.

I’ll need coffee. Lots of coffee.

In other news – we spent a couple wonderful hours with our little bungalow today. Had the home inspection. I took some photos. I’ll stop teasing …


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