What day is it?

I’ve been relaxing but also working overtime. Vacationing with 2 little kids and no parent helper is like asking your Butler to make you that tea while juggling 9 eggs with one hand. 5 minutes ago. Without the Butler.

So, are we having fun? Yes. Amazing fun, I can’t even explain it or tell you about it yet. I just need to marinate in the past week before I have anything besides “YAY!” to say.

Arizona Camping 2011


I will say that our camping adventure turned out to be quite the actual adventure, we even went backpacking. We ended up camping only one night and not at the place that was planned originally. No, no. We camped just miles from the Mexico/Arizona border with Border Patrol cars cruising up and down the dirt roads every hour or so. With a sign in the camp site that warned travelers to beware of the illegal immigrants and drug trafficking that occurred in the area.

Lets just say that I didn’t sleep well.

Arizona Camping 2011

And ok, I have something to say about this because it was fun. Camping for the first time with my kids on top of for the first time with my brother – the stuff of my dreams people. But I haven’t been camping in a veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry long time. Long long time. 6 years.

Arizona Camping 2011

So ok, whatever. No big deal. I’ll just take both my kids out in the middle of nowhere, with no service, near an international border and sleep outside.

Sounds awesome.

I would have done better the second night having one underneath my belt but we got rained out.

Instead of fishing, we went to the zoo. Instead of campfire food we made little pizzas in the oven and ate in the living room. Instead of s’mores? We’ve just been eating chocolate.


I’ll have more to share, photos for you to see and memories to document in a couple days. We jet home tomorrow morning and try to switch our clocks from Pacific time-zone to Eastern in a short afternoon to be ready for normal life again on Wednesday.

I’ll need some coffee. And a maid.

Arizona Camping 2011

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