I remember when my daughters hair was long enough to finally start braiding it using the Goddess Braid ideas. She was 3 and her wispy baby hair finally got manageable and long enough to wrangle around my fingers.

Jessica and her pretty braid

I actually didn’t know how to french braid and decided that I should just start while she’s young so I could get better and better as she got older. Turns out that a braid is one of the only ways we do her hair.

Jessica - braids

And it has everything to do with her cowlick – where her hair naturally falls to one side or the other. Where it “parts” is more like half way down the left side of her head – no where hear the center of her head.

Baby Loves Disco Dance Party

See that line?? That’s her natural part … and braiding has been the best way to tame her locks.

She doesn’t have patience for head bands and pony tails because any version of one comes loose within the first 15 minutes of her wearing it … so a braid keeps things out of her face so she can focus, see and we all get the benefit of seeing those pretty eyes.

Baby Loves Disco Dance Party

I’ve gotten daring lately with the ways I’m braiding her hair – trying new directions, new designs.


And I think my recent favorite is the head band braid as I call it – I braid the entire top portion of her hair to one side … and it acts as a much easier (less painful for the ears) head band.


But like everything else in her life, she has an opinion and her hair (or her “look”) is something she’s very aware of. Pigtails are a no-no. You can see her scowl at these braids because I tried doing two = pigtails = END OF THE WORLD.


Come on! They’re adorable … look at those curls.


I know that when I do attempt some version of a pig tail and bring her to school that her hair will be undone within the first 5 minutes of the day. She’d rather look like a rag doll than have any kind of double tail.

I love this part of being a mom to a daughter. She has very different taste than me, and so early, but she’s true to the part of her that she knows the best right now. Something that took me a very long time to figure out, listen to and respect.

She’s fierce.


And I like that.

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