On Sale …

Remember when I told you we were buying a house because it was on sale? We’re still buying the house and if you have questions check out this video where I answer a few.

But we’re paying what some people spend on a new car for this house.

House Vs Car

Would you consider that on sale?

Right now we’re in the middle of getting quotes for some of the work that needs to be done before we move in and today I met the plumber out there and got scared.

He’s worked at this house before so he has a bit of a history on the place for us, which is nice actually (and we love the guy, has done all our plumbing in the past) but hearing things like “New water and sewer lines might be in your future” aren’t the kind of itemizations I want to see on an RFP. (Request for proposal, or what do you think this will cost us?)

He’s the first person we got any kind of quote from but tomorrow we’ll see what the Electrician, Heating guy and Contractor have to say.

I wonder if when we’re done with this if I’ll still think the house was on sale.

But even if we had to put some extra zeros in to the house we’d still be cutting our monthly housing costs and obligations in more than half what we’re paying now. So it’s ridiculous, right?

And if we did the work now then we’d be set for a while as far as emergencies go (like, OH NO! The furnace went out!). Instead we’d be all “Oh hey! We have heat!” … “And a/c!” … “And water!”

I’ve never been so up and down when buying a house. This’ll be our third together and the smallest. And the most loveliest, I think šŸ™‚

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