Things We Love To Do

I’m shelving the whole house topic for a while because the next time I see my chiropractor he’s going to ask me why I’m so stressed and I’m going to start crying instead of answering his question. Which is awkward.

Instead, I’ll spend the next few posts and weeks discussing inspirations, ideas, fun finds across the interweb and recapping our fabuloso vacation.

For starters someone please make these tails for someone. Adult or child. Either way … these are just rock-awesome.

Paper wall flowers as seen on other blogs, only cheaper and DIY. Here’s another idea on them as well.

Outdoor privacy with fabric … I’m going to pretend I have no plans for these.

Hello vintage suit case turned coffee table I’d like to lick you.

Crochet leg warmers for little legs. I can crochet, so this is awesome.

Gazebo for outside I’m also going to pretend I have no plans for this.

Tuff that ottoman Tuff it good.

Miniature pop tarts ON A STICK. My daughter discovered the love of pop tarts while camping on vacation and this would pretty much just blow her mind. I like doing that.

A delicious centerpiece idea or a good use for an old crate and some beautiful blooms.

Again with the crocheting, a baby hat I started crocheting by learning how to make a hat – so a very long time I whipped out hats like it was my job and a half. I like this pattern with the ear flaps – character!

Make a Far Away tree out of cardboard – cheap! We look at this contraption in the store almost every time we go in … it’s so enchanting. A tree house to pretend with. I love that there’s a DIY out there for how to do this at home with just boxes and your hands. I love the way people think.

If my daughter played with dolls this would be perfect a MERMAID tail for baby dolls. LOVE.

Free Art! a raccoon print. Adorable.

Free SPRING art love the colors.

Free download of bunting recipe cards Get organized? Sure. Do it and be adorable? YES.

Free bookmark of a fox. Who wants you to read more stories.

Out of the thousands of Easter crafts circulating right now, this is the only one I have any patience for Carrots, bunnies and eggs are way over done in my life. Orange jelly-bellies? Please.

Turn an old book into a pouf! A lovely pouf with words. Kind of enchanting.

Why am I surprised that Martha can make a paper craft look life like? This is why it’s so easy to hate her and then bow at her feet at the same time.

Fire place screen I’m going to pretend, again, that I have no plans for this. At all.

Bell jar lights AHMAZING.

Marquee Letter lamp see your name in lights already, will ya? šŸ™‚

BAH! I love these Business card size booklets for jotting notes. Custom. Love!

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  1. Oh. I love these posts. My fave. Can’t believe I’m finally catching up with one (read: being completely unproductive at work). <– I just put a period outside the parenthesis. Just breathe in and out. šŸ˜‰

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