Take note.

If you ever watch my son please take note of these warnings:


1. If it looks like it’ll fit, he’ll try to shove it in his ears. You’d be surprised what he can get in there.

2. He likes to be naked. Really really really naked. Duct tape is handy.

3. He’ll probably pee in your bathtub … and shoot for “the star!” (the drain)

4. When he does decided to wear underwear, he’ll change it every half hour.

5. Bears are everywhere and you should always be on the look out for when the attack is coming. (hint: it’s always coming.)

6. He is very afraid of bugs. You might think that someone just bit him or he broke his arm when really – he saw a fly.

7. His token phrase is “Sop” (pause) “Sop it”.

8. If a bear is no where to found, jump a few million years behind and wait for the dinosaurs to appear.

9. He talks about sports like people, not things. What does he want to be when he grows up? A basketball!

10. You are going to laugh. A lot.


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