more of the same

I’m tired of the constant complainingblogging … no complaining and negative tone that this website has taken.

My apologies.

I really don’t want to be the negative girl all the time with a downwards mouth and worried brow.

So – let’s meet back here tomorrow with some good news.

I have 24 hours to think of some, or make something happen.

What are you happy about right now?

8 thoughts on “more of the same

  1. New view, cooler temps, sunny day with nice breeze, working outside, sufficient work, good music, family close by, new friends from last park stopping by to say hello.

  2. I get to go out tonight!!!! šŸ™‚ {does the happy dance}

    Wendy, Kelly and I are headed to The Electric Cheetah to grab dinner before the Nourishing Ways meeting (pitfalls of a gluten free diet). Come join! šŸ™‚

  3. For some reason the drug company’s are not releasing the major brands of ADHD meds lately. I am extremely happy that after wailing, knashing teeth and prayer I found a pharmist that helped me hunt down what my son needs. It took us 8 months to find a balance that he could work with and he is finally keeping up with his classmates. I am so relieved. Also while waiting at the pharmacy I found sweet red wine which I have wanted to try. I will now pick up some New Holland beer in order to woo my husband. Which will make us both happy. I hope you find some joy Jodi!

  4. I am happy that my house is tidy enough right now that when I bring the girls home from school this afternoon I’ll have a much more relaxed demeanor than usual. Which will make them happy. Which will then make me doubly happy.

  5. I am HOME from my job!
    I have time to make an honest-to-goodness DINNER for the two of us!
    The VIEW outside my windows is beautiful!

    and last, but definitely NOT least….
    I am SO thankful for my baby girl!

  6. This time next week I’ll be in Munich ready to pick up my new car and drive it around Bavaria for a week or so! I’m psyched! Hope the weather holds…this week has been sunny and around 70 each day. My luck, it’ll turn to s*** when I arrive…

  7. Books!
    I found a loacaly owned book recycling store (with a location in Holland, as well as Grand Haven)!

    It had a copy of The Brothers K (recommended by Sarah Hamm?) I haven’t started it, it’s in line behind 3 others, so if you want to borrow it, you have plenty of time before I get to it.

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