Climbing over mountains

There’s something about buying a house (or trying to) that creates a huge ball of unrest in the rest of your life. Ok, maybe MY life.

Everything kind of went to pot when we signed those papers … staying on top of laundry, budgets, making meals or even meal planning, groceries and sales?


We’re lucky if I remember to take my 5th styrofoam cup of cold coffee out of the car in the morning … to make room for the 6th.

I don’t know what it is. This weather? Sure. Still being haphazardly in an apartment? Ok. Just getting back from vacation and readjusting to normal again? Yeah, why not. Buying a house and realizing our CPA filed our taxes wrong which puts a hold in the process all the while we still have to get quotes for future work to be done … not knowing where we stand. Ever? Uh, yeah. That’ll do it.

Problem is we moved in here 9 months ago thinking we’d be here for 4 months, tops. I hadn’t planned on needing to know where our winter clothes were, had no idea where the Christmas decor was. I still can’t tell you where the heck my address book is.

When I look for something I’m still first going to the place it used to live in our old house in my mind before I have to go through the process of mentally packing it, storing it and finding it before I even have a clue as to whether or not whatever it is I need made it to the apartment.

And since then? Heck, Aaron’s moved my papers, systems and boxes around more than I can remember. I can’t keep up with this.

And it’s just going to get worse. We’ll be in this apartment for probably 3 more months yet before we close and have the work done on the house. I’ll move after the paint is dry, the dust has been cleaned … I’ll move when I’m assured that all I have to do is move in and organize.

I might get my life back when that happens.

3 thoughts on “Climbing over mountains

  1. I feel your pain! Just keep taking it one day (or one hour) at a time. We moved nearly 4 years ago, but between having baby #2 the day before our move was scheduled, battling postpartum depression and infections then having a difficult pregnancy with my 3rd child, I can happily say that I actually feel like life is organized. Finally!! Yay! Plus, take it as an opportunity to purge all those things that don’t really fit into your new life. Anyways…that’s my rambling way to say “Hang in there!!”. šŸ™‚

  2. I resonate with this post 100%. As I pack and prepare for ?? months of apartment dwelling, I have no idea how to pack, what to pack where, and there’s this part of me that is just shut off to even thinking about it. My house is chaotic, my brain is moreso, and the amount of general frustration and everyone and everything has skyrocketed. I feel so stuck in this space between selling this house and purchasing a new one, especially with not knowing how much time will elapse in this situation and feeling really helpless on how to hurry it or what to do!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    I’m afraid to go to our storage unit because for a while there I was just purging it and now there’s still some of that left but mostly it’s just unorganized and important papers. But looking around our apartment I already know there’s going to be some furniture here that just won’t fit into the new house … so I guess I’m making a mental list of things to keep for now, but purge later.

    Hanging in there is the name of the game! Thanks Jody šŸ™‚ (nice name, ;))

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