Dreams: Ford

The last few years I’ve had this dream of picking up my kids from their last day of school and taking off for a week without knowing where we were going.

This dream takes place in a vintage Ford pick up. Not unlike the one you see pictured above. Details on this car (and photo credit) can be found here.

For some reason I’ve always pictured a green or greenish/blue pick up … but this vintage cream one will do. It has the big cab with awkward pleather upholstery, huge steering wheel and roll down windows.

I mean, seriously. This is awesome. Throw a tent in the back and a bag of clothes. Make a pit stop at every roadside stand with a box of oranges or peaches. Drink sweet tea on porches by moonlight and let my daughter man the camera all the while.

We’ll sing old timey songs, buy ridiculously too-big sun glasses and sun hats, drive with her feet perched outside the window and drink from striped straws every chance we get.

I want to make it as far away as possible without actually getting anywhere. Maybe we’ll drive 20 miles in the span of 5 hours – stopping at every grassy knoll to pick flowers, have a pic-nic or browse junk piles on the road.

Things she gives me

We’ll stop at every “Worlds Largest!” tourist trap, spontaneously swim in un-found creeks with baby waterfalls. We’ll talk.

We’ll hold hands.

We’ll have bubble gum contests and cry from laughing so hard. We’ll perfect peeing on the side of the road.

We’ll stay off the mainstream highways, promising each other to look for every dead end and take it. We’ll learn how to change oil, change a tire and what the heck a serpentine belt is. We’ll BUY belts and boots and doo-rags for our back pockets, then abandon the truck a mile from a station and walk there … for fun.

We’ll have to buy a gas can.

Because we can.

Kindergarten is almost over, it’d be just me and her. Her and I. Together. With sunshine and flip flops and an old, trusty Ford forging the way to a dream come true.

Should I do it? Would you?

**Who wants to buy me the car and sponsor the trip?

12 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Live your dreams kiddo! It’s all about the journey, each and every day with those you love and those God puts in your path. May you be blessed!!

  2. Ah! Your dream truck is the same as my dream truck, right down to the color (blue-green? My yes). Maybe we should go in together and buy one. A truck time-share?

  3. you could always give it a trial run in your own vehicle. there is a fruit/muffin stand south west of Fennville. A red painted barn off in the countryside somewhere. If you can’t find it, a walk downtown Saugatuck or Douglas can be a fill in. The kids won’t be disappointed no matter what you do, the surprise & adventure are exciting when the time is spent w/ you, I’m sure.

  4. You are so awesome and sweet! I’m guessing it’s just gas and food and camping – but I don’t feel right fundraising, we’re a debt free family and one of the important things to us is to make our dreams come true – but more to inspire others to go for their dreams, for their “someday” ideas. Today is our Someday. I would definitely point to my “contact us” page is folks are wanting to support us in any way – there’s an address there. But we won’t be asking for it. Just excited to share all about it šŸ™‚

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