Things We Love To Do


We’re making forts and playing with 1,004 small-self-propelled trucks this morning. Maybe you’d like to do something fun?

Science experiments which can wow a kid (or you) at any party, age or function. Ok! Who put baking soda in Grandmom’s bubbly water??

Put old books to use. All those silver frames on your wall are from your Graduation party back in 1999, huh? (I know, before then it was just Dinosaurs roaming and bad hair.)

Elephant feet! Or stilts. So fun!

Paper wallet great for gift card holders or just for your 2 year old who thinks he needs a wallet. šŸ˜‰

How to build a cocktail hutch (pop up ad on this one, warning) I love the zig zag shelves on bottom.

Love your state? SHOW US!

Awesome decals for tshirts Tutorial.

Cereal box post cards I’ve seen these before, so so cute. What a great idea for re-using too.

Old chairs turned bench LOVE. SWOON.

Kids’ games for gatherings which can also come in handy when you just need something else to do. Turn the tv off … make fart noises with “boats” instead.

Place cards, kind off a fun (and farmerish) way to spread the joy. I’m thinking of using this idea for a birthday theme. Corn for the goodie bags full of treats – overalls, hats, bails of hay!

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