Stuck on you

Still dirrty.

Ever have it when you say: Self? There has to be an easier way to do this.

Yes. Well, I’m the dishwasher in this house and so I often curse the kitchen because I’m stuck with these stubborn messes every day.

How’s about we find a short cut?

Still dirrty.

This is a pan after I made taco meat for dinner. If you want to scrub it easily – you can just add water to the pan while it’s still on the heated stove and add some baking soda, let boil and cool before rinsing clean.

That is a super easy way to go about this – however I’ve been noticing that while that works well for getting things off the pan … it’s been easier for things to get ON the pan too. So I’m trying something new.

You’ll need:

# A dirty pot or pan (look in your sink, I promise.)
# Aluminum foil.

Still dirrty.

Still dirrty.

Still dirrty.

A little elbow grease and my very own scrubber.

Can't stick on me.

What do you think??

Still dirrty.

Your batting average just went up.

You’re welcome.

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