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Tall?My niece and my daughter. They’re 2 years apart.

This is my gene pool. All of which did not benefit me in the height part of life. Standing at 5’4″ I am the shortest branch on our family tree. Aaron stands at six foot and I think he’s finally taken up (or been handed down??) the shortest male status in his family as well.

Our children??? Are amazons compared to us and if my niece is any indication of the growth spurt in our family … we’ll look like we have teenagers before we have kids who enter the double digit age group.

We’re told all the time that our kids are really tall. I’ve never been asked what my two-year-old’s name is … I’m always asked what my four-year-olds name is. I don’t have one of those. I have a 2 year old little guy who’s beyond the charts in height.

And our daughter is tall – but not the tallest in her class. She sounds about right when she announces she’s SIX!!! Although we get our share of “Really? You’re so tall!” responses to that as well.

All of this to say that Yup, we got big kids. But they kind of run in our family.


2 thoughts on “Compare me

  1. hehehehe…she loves being tall and parades it around with statements like, “I am only 8, I know I look older, that’s because I am really tall (all said with a big smile)”

  2. We have “amazon kids” too – I’m 5’7″, hubby is 6’3″, so we’re definitely not little, but it’s just funny when my 8 month old son is literally popping the leg snaps out of the 12 month old jammies! My older son and daughter did the same thing too!

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