You know what would make a great alternative kitchen island?



You can set the height to your desire, lock the wheels down and resurface (or not) the “counter” … I’d cut to size a length of stainless steel myself – but could easily see how a nice laminate would look wonderful.

Also loving these alternative uses for crates.


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Across the street from where we live there’s a ton of construction going on to rehabilitate an old school. There are dumpsters that I can clearly see from our window full of discarded materials, crates and other gems.

It’s time for a midnight field trip.

5 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. Jodi, that’s genius. Places to hang tools, pots and pans. I’d put butcher block on the work surface. Too bad our kitchen is too small…

  2. I’m cheap, pallets are cheap. WooHa. Also slightly relieved you’re staying where you are a bit longer as I’m struggling w/ some indecision lately.

  3. I’ve heard that sometimes pallets have harsh chemicals on them, so just be careful!

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