How are your eyes doing? Adjusting to the millions of photos that have taken over lately?

How about some words – I’ve got some I need to get off my chest.

# I took a class with a trainer at the gym on Saturday morning and completely wrecked myself. It felt amazing … and then I tried to sit down. Or walk.

# We had a birthday party for our son this weekend with family. It was a blast. My house was clean … now I’m buried.

# I bought new towels today because we were starting to be embarrassed of them when we were all alone. I bought orange-ish ones. Pretty sure Aaron’s going to request a different color. Some times his opinions make my job 10 times harder. You can tell him I said that.

# I’m on my 3rd load of laundry today: all of them so far bedding. 2 kids in underpants and a few late night water requests make for a busy washing machine.

# The amount of times my son pees outside grows every single day. What to do when we send him to school and he learns that the trees are not, in fact, his personal urinal? I’ll be getting notes home. I can already feel it.

# Mothers Day was delightful, low key, relaxing. I still couldn’t walk, sit or get up from any kind of position without wincing. I ate way too much, but never made a thing. It was glorious.

# Want to get someone to think you’re a complete whack job? Offer this advice at a baby shower when they ask about Potty Training; re: bedtime dryness. If you want them to be dry all night, do not offer them a drink at dinner or before bed. You know, because depriving your healthy almost five year old of 5 ounces of water will make you a terrible person. Try not to blink.

# Remind yourself of said advice when you’re on your (now) 4th load of laundry due to nighttime bedwetting.

# Or buy some pull ups and stop complaining.

# For the record – our daughter (six years old) doesn’t wet her bed often. Maybe once a year. Just so happens that one time came on the same night her younger brother also wet his bed. And here’s where we admit we don’t have enough sheets on reserve for this to all happen at the same time.

# So I bought new towels instead of sheets … why?

# We’re probably going to switch bedrooms with the kids. Disassemble their bunks and give them the larger room. Their stuff is exploding.

# We’re also going to have a garage sale and get rid of our storage unit once and for all.

# I look for houses and apartments every day … I’m constantly disappointed.

# Patience sucks.

# I watched 2 documentaries last night. Both made me have creepy dreams.

# I explained these dreams to Aaron this morning and he made a new rule: No more documentaries before bed for Jodi. I kept him awake til after midnight – asking him to turn lights on, check the house, stop talking so loudly and completely freaking out that we were being watched.

# The only other time I felt like this was the last house I lived in with my parents before we were married. My bedroom was in the basement – I was all alone down there and I never felt like I was alone … even though I was always alone. Creepy.

# When did this post take such a turn for the worst?

# The sun is shining! I have laundry to fold! And a job this afternoon! That’ll pay!

# I’ll be going to the gym again today … maybe I’ll try to take it easy.

# Probably not.

4 thoughts on “Words

  1. The busyness of life keeps coming in new ways all the time. Enjoy, because you will some day look back and say to your kids, remember when? And they will do the same always appreciating what you have done with love for them. You are a great mom and deserved all you received on Mothers Day. Blessings my child!!!

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