After not feeling well last week we finally got out and enjoyed the weather.

Our yard. A kids heaven.

I’m embarrassed to say that we didn’t make it down for any of the Tulip Time festivities this year. Boo hiss. But we still ate well šŸ™‚

Wanted: dishwasher; dead or alive.

And busied my helper with something, anything to keep him from pretending to be a “baby kitty”. Which sounds like a flamingo in heat. Weird.

Distraction is the name of the game.

Pop corn kernels and a few kid friendly utensils and I made dinner with relatively litter interference. Thats what we call a Pro Tip.

The rest of the weekend was a wonderful blur of birthdays, showers and a girls’ day.

Rainy day coffee

Waiting in line. The girl has style.

Round 2.

Walks in the park after rain … one of my favorite things ever.

Love these ladies

I mentioned last week that I would be posting more cooking how to’s “tomorrow” (at the end of the post) and I needed you all to think we were business as usual over here because I was planning an entire day of birthday madness for my mom.

And she reads this here silliness. Couldn’t have the surprise foiled on the birthday girl.

Not that you needed an explanation but I did want to let you know I currently have 3 more in my arsenal coming your way.

Be prepared for Pork Chops by way of Molly’s kitchen, roasting asparagus and Curry and Rice. Plus some other randomness. As usual.

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