The name game

This is how it usually goes in our house when our six-year old girl asks us “which one?” when it comes to Aunts. Grandparents. Extended families.

One of these days I just need to draw this out – but for now let’s see if I can piece it together with photos and words.

Aaron, who I married, is the oldest of 5 kids. His parents are not divorced. But his mom’s parents are. His dad’s parents are not.

I am the youngest of 4 (biological) kids. My parents are divorced. Both remarried, adding 2 kids as step siblings to my dad’s side and 1 step sibling to my mom’s side. Then my step dad died and my mom remarried adding 2 more step siblings. Both of my parent’s parents are still married, no divorces.

Got that?

Ok – so get this. I married an Aaron.


So did my brother.

Erin and Jamie Scott

Kicker is that my Aaron’s middle name is Louis. And my sister in law Erin’s middle name is Louise. Crazy right?

Well, Aaron’s younger brother just got engaged to an Erinn, too.


So my kids have their dad, Aaron, an Aunt Erin and will soon get another Aunt Erinn. They all spell them differently. But, of course, that doesn’t change the way you say them. SO … WHICH ONE? Is a normal and regular question in our house.

Now for the Molly’s.

My other brother married a Molly.


And my step sister is Molly, too.


Which one??? Auntie Molly in Arizona and Auntie Molly in Michigan.

The grandparents are en entirely different story. Because they’re all a version of “Grandpa” or “Grandma”.

For instance:

My mom = Grandma Lady
Her husband = Grandpa Roger (not to be confused with my mom’s brother who is UNCLE Roger.)

My dad = Grandpa Bosa
His wife = Nona

Aaron’s dad = Grandpa Schaap
Aaron’s mom = Grandma Schaap

Aaron’s Grandma = Grandma Great (His dad’s mom)
Aaron’s Grandpa = Grandpa Great (His dad’s dad)

My moms parents, live in Washington = Grandpa and Grandma Great Washington

My dads parents, live in Washington = Grandpa and Grandma Great Bosa

Aaron’s mom’s mom, lives in New York = Grandma Jane

Aaron’s mom’s step mom, lives in New York = Grandma Diana

We’ve lost 2 grandpa’s. My step dad (before my kids were even born) is known as Pappy. And Aaron’s mom’s dad passed away last year – he’s known as Grandpa Art.


Anyone else out there have crazy ridiculous families with repeating names? And like 17 grandparents? Love them all. They’re all amazing.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Jodi! What a puzzle…especially for young kids! Lots of double names in your family!

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