Counting to three

A couple weekend’s ago we celebrated our son’s third birthday. I’ve had a couple doctors appointments since then and it’s weird to answer the question “When was your last birth” with “Three years ago”.

It boggles me.

Oliver's birthday party

He is pure. Pure love. Pure happiness. Pure joy.

The boy loves dirt but is afraid of bugs. Unless his sister is collecting worms … then he’ll watch. But not touch!!!

He requested a TRACTOR birthday with a DANCE party. We delivered on the Tractor portion of the festivities and just let him bounce around to the rhythm inside of him all day long.

Tractor cake

As they took this bump - they took a wheel out. ha!

One big ride on the tracor

Oliver's birthday party

hot diggity dog

Oliver's birthday party

Opening gifts

Tractor cake!

Blowing out the candles.

As we celebrated his vivacious love for the life that he breathes into everyone around him we watched him make dreams and wishes and friends.

Before our eyes he’s becoming more than a baby, more than a boy. He’s becoming Him.

Happy Birthday, tadpole.

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