So I guess the world is coming to an end

I didn’t cross everything off my Life List and if tomorrow is the end of the line for us all, I’d just have to say that what I did accomplish – on this list but also in life … was totally worth it.

How about, for good measure, we revisit the Done’s! and hope for more Do’s!

In my lifetime, up until May 21, 2011 I have:

Traveled the world. Europe, Prague, Germany, Africa, Mexico, All over the United States and Canada, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica …

Fell in love, got married, started an amazing family.

Jumped out of a plane.

Zip-lined my way through the canopies of the Costa Rican Rainforest.

Swam with Dolphins.

Became a published writer.

Won photography awards.

Seen whales in the wild.

Watched a birth other than my own.

Was the recipient of unconditional and completely healing love.

Made many mistakes.

Had regrets.

Been baptized.

Sold a company.

Learned to sew.

Planted gardens.

Never stopped dreaming or believing for a second that the power I, we, you, hold personally equips me, you, us with everything we’ll ever need. That dreaming isn’t a fantasy of something we’ll never have. It’s not just a place to go inside yourself when you feel bad, stuck, caught.

That dreaming is a picture of what’s to come. That your wishes, my wishes, that a thirst to feel this life beyond someone else’s clock or ideal is not only real – it’s our right.

La la land or not. Emotional and erratic or not.

Tomorrow is not the end of me.

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