I want to know …

What should we do when we’re debt free?

Piggy bank after premature opening of gifts

Anything special on my Life List? Should we do a dance on camera and post it online? Submit our entire story to Dave Ramsey? Drive on down to his show and yell on air?

Leave a comment and tell me, in your wildest dreams (within budget of course!) what would YOU do to celebrate being debt free??!

You’ll be the first to know and it’s getting seriously close. How are we going to ring in this occasion? And will you ring it with me?

11 thoughts on “I want to know …

  1. I would buy a house, or an RV — LOL

    Ok, I know you’re probably not going to do that…so maybe you should just go out to dinner, and then start a college fund for your kids! Is that practical enough for you?

    Congrats, this is very exciting!

  2. I always told people the day we work our way out of debt I would run naked down the street screaming we debt free. THat seems now, like a punishment. If it would me, I would spend a week with in a very poor area doing whatever and then spend a week in a hammock coming up revelations and letting go of stress. Awesome question!

  3. Yes yes, practical – we do practical very well over here šŸ™‚ Savings for kids and future is already under way … we need big ideas. Like dinner out. haha!

  4. LOVE those ideas. Spend a week helping out – ashamed that it wasn’t even on my radar. I had a few smaller and similar thought process ideas – but this is great. LOVING it.

    A week in hammock, well yes. That would be perfect too šŸ˜‰

  5. Hi Jodi, luv your blog- and we are also on our way to being debt free! (actually, we even want to ‘get out of our starter house’ now that the majority of everything else is ‘done’ and not even bother with a more expensive one..) so to celebrate? šŸ™‚ Dont’ go into debt to do it šŸ˜‰ Take out your closest friends and family to a place you’ve always wanted to go but never could afford..

  6. We just made some final payments to be debt free! My husband has decided to celebrate by buying himself a new truck! Other than that, we’re going to still watch what we spend, but will enjoy being able to enjoy doing things without worrying about the money!!

  7. Robyn, I love it! We’re definitely ready to own another house and we feel the same way – we don’t want to keep “moving up”. Enough space, well thought out, would suffice. But we’re being patient about it because it seems that’s what we’re supposed to do right now. Congrats on your impending celebration as well!

  8. I think you should tell everyone you see, for one day, your good news. Lady at Meijer’s checkout “Hi, I’m debt free”, barista at JP’s “good morning, debt free today”, kids at a bus stop when you’re at a stop sign…roll that window down and say “guess what? I’m debt free!” or maybe that is a little creepy šŸ™‚ CONGRATS (a little early)!

  9. Sock more away, so you can, if you wish, call it quits earlier in life and only do things you really want to do, when you want to do it. Splurge a little once in awhile. Look for those offers that will let you get some stuff you want for zero percent, but just don’t be late, or the fees and interest will kill you! I did that for major remodeling, that cruise to Alaska I always wanted to do, bought that new Nikon D7000 (really neat features!), and recently got back from Germany where I picked up a new car (paid for, no loan) and drove it around Bavaria for about 10-days to visit places I always wanted to see (btw, Linda has a disk of unedited pics from that trip if you haven’t seen them yet).

    The key is, yes, you can make some major purchases, but you need to be careful, and ideally, only if it is revenue neutral (zero percent on purchases, or nearly so, if you can get a tax break like on a new house loan).

    Avoid like the plague any CC purchase where you can’t pay it off with no interest unless it is a bonafide emergency (and those shouldn’t be very often if you’ve planned well). Once you have your bills paid off and your emergency fund well stocked, you can splurge some more!

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