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School’s coming to a close and it feels like we’re busier ENDING the year than we should be, but hey. Such is life. I’ve been hunting for a place to live again recently. Every day.

I want out of this apartment, ok? There I said it. I am done with this space. I don’t mind renting elsewhere (read: in school district for our kids) but we can’t find a home to rent. And we’ll buy a house!! We will buy a stupid house. Met with a banker and everything – pre-approved. Ready to roll … only …

Now we can’t find a house. So I’m about to walk up to some strangers in the neighborhood we’d like to land in and ask very nicely if they would please move out of our way already … here’s a check.

And yet the catch-22 remains. The banks love you debt free, but wait – you don’t have debt? And there’s still (always) decisions regarding our businesses up in the air.

I definitely think that in 2 months everything will look differently I’m just having a hard time with the here and now.

Although I know when this season is over there will be parts of it I miss and feel lonely without. Being Fluid this year has turned out to be an exercise in self-control as well as letting go.

Apparently neither of which are my strong points. Touche, life … touche.

2 thoughts on “echos

  1. My parents had someone walk up to their door and want to buy their house and it wasn’t even for sale, they weren’t even thinking about moving. But they took the offer and we moved out, so knocking on doors can work!!! Maybe someone is thinking about moving and just needs that nudge…

  2. It definitely happened to us more than once growing up – with my (step)dad as a realtor it was commonplace to have him come home and announce “We’re moving!” or “I sold our house today!” … it only took once for my mom to just decide to roll with it šŸ™‚ haha! I have my list of “if the inside is as good as the outside” houses and I think we’ll be knocking on the doors or writing letters if the next 2 months don’t bring clarity to the situation.

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