I’m avoiding you

Not entirely, but yes. Kind of. I have 1,000 ideas to write down and then accomplish. Do, edit, conquer. See!

Just when you think things might slow down (or have been slow and will continue on that path) the sun starts shinning brighter and you find yourself knee deep in a lake catching clam shells with your kids. Or is that just me?

Summer has begun and although I have commitments and lists of things to get done, doctors to see, meetings to have, articles to write, photos to edit, friends to see and life to live … I’m really just soaking up the not-wasted opportunities to play with my kids.

Last summer we were busy moving/settling/building and although we took advantage of the summer and its playful ways … I was consumed with things that kept me from getting dirt between my toes as often as possible.

Enough of that.

It really is happening overnight – tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my daughters wedding it seems. And here she is, this amazing and yet still so fragile person who wants to paint my nails and learn to whistle and blow bubbles with her gum.

We’re going to skip our way through summer. Preferably holding hands and say yes more often than no. Swimming and pretending to be mermaids and hunting for waterfalls. We’ll double-dutch and braid barbies hair.

I wonder if we could try every single flavor of ice cream before first grade starts? That’s a goal I’m willing to make; one I think she’ll stand behind, too.

Summer 2011: Out of focus.

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