Summer Vacation and cleaning confessions

Oh Hello Thursday! Where did you come from? I was pretty sure I left off on Monday with all kinds of plans and ideas for the week and instead … it was 90 degrees and we were out of eggs, bread, salt, any kind of meat, milk and on our last roll of toilet paper.

So, you know, typical Monday.

I’m blaming the heat for my sudden love of cleaning. I can whip out my yellow gloves and a spray bottle faster than you can say “Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious”. I’m sure I spelled that incorrectly. But see what I did there? Instead of using the word “wrong” I used “incorrectly” so I gave you all the impression that I know what the hell grammar is doing right now. (Which I do not.)

There’s definitely something about the feeling of coming home to a clean house – because when we come home we’re bringing the sand box, leaves, twigs and dirt with us. So to have a blank canvas upon entering home … it’s just nicer than walking in to an already filthy place to get even filthier.

Turns out I do not have skin cancer. And according to my blood tests (a lot of them) I’m in the normal ranges for my blood sugar. Um? Hi, we haven’t talked about any of this because I was waiting for 2nd and third opinions on most of it – all of this to say that there’s still something not right and we just can’t figure it out. So, super fun!

However … as this process has been going – we continue to get good news about the things we hear might be the issue. So, small praises along the way but it’s bringing up more questions too. I’ve decided that I no longer take one doctors word as the truth – and depending on the results of tests, I won’t take doctor #2’s opinion either. Especially when they contradict each other. The day I can get 2 or 3 different professionals to all come up with the same solution to this will be the day I’ll trust a doctor with my health.

Not that I’m not healthy. As lab results will prove, I am very healthy. I’m also the one in my body and I know that somethings off. Why they can’t find where or what it is? Is beyond me at this point. So … we keep moving forward. Healthy as can be. Still struggling with daily blood sugar levels, still diligently working hard at controlling them with diet, exercise and faith.

And! Hey! I’m feeling tongue tied and vulnerable so I’m stopping there. See you back here tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation and cleaning confessions

  1. Have you seen Dr.Meadowcroft? They are a husband/wife team of kinesiologists and their office is on 9th St. When my sister was having crazy headaches that the medical doctors couldn’t figure out, they helped!

  2. Yea, I’ve actually been to his office before. Great people. I go to another office in town now who does a little more in depth kinesiology from what I remember Meadowcroft being able to do. Has really helped with everything.

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