Things We Love To Do

Wedding cake reveal coming soon – it just requires a few hours of uninterrupted time on the computer processing photos and writing about it. So you know, probably at midnight tonight.

In the mean time here’s some lovely for you to ponder:

T-Shirt bracelet your first crocheting experience. Dazzle! My daughter was a steel trap when it came to telling us what she did at school all day and most of the time we just let it seep out in bits and pieces as she was willing to share. Then she came home with a “year book” and all these photos of her doing amazing things. Like sewing. I’m thinking this will be cake compared to a needle and thread and quilting. Not joking.

Canopy bed such a fun and cheery way to brighten up a room. Even for apartments when permanent fixes aren’t always on the list of things to do.

Succulents are all the rage so make them pop with a creative planter. Oversized sea shell? I knew you’d come in handy.

Make stuff from driftwood Like a heart, maybe?

Seashell lights bring the beach to your backdoor. Pull the sand box up to the bottom of the deck steps and you’ve got yourself one heckova satycation. (Pina Colda’s not optional)

Lap duvet lets be honest – who knows what this is? Me either, it sounds lovely though and the fabric is stunning so of course I want one.

A car food caddy if I have to spend another 75 cents on a high powered vacuum to suck up cheerios, fries or sprinkles I might just also lose my mind and suck up the entire interior of my car – pennies, hair ties and little figurines not withstanding. Yes, yes I would love a dedicated food caddy.

Cobbler’s light I’m constantly running into old timey stuff like this at thrift stores and flea markets. The design of them and the fact that they were never meant for everyday decorating makes me smitten with them. I love using industrial objects or trade-wear objects in my decorating because it’s never expected and it always draws the eye as a conversation piece.

DIY coke icee 7/11 no longer needed.

S’mores on a stick a perfect take along to any bbq.

Wooden Logic puzzle both of my kids are engineers in a kids body. They love mazes, figuring out how something is put together and puzzles are for a light snack on the brain waves. Imma gonna make them sweat.

Fourth of July watermelon everyone always brings that cake with strawberries and blueberries in the shape of a flag to the 4th of July bbq. My shark will eat it.

Lemon coolers perfect for a summertime pool party, after playing at the beach or for that park picnic you have on the calendar.

Make homemade dot candy a favorite when I was little – because there was “more” candy to this strip than just a chocolate bar. My hoarding skills were honed early.

Ribbon wand I’d make a bunch of these to keep in the car – something fun and different to have on hand when a quick trip to grandma’s turns into a 45 minute family ties reunion. Your children weren’t prepared to sit still and there’s a mound of grass thats begging them to climb. A ribbon wand and a smile later – everyone’s happy. (Also great to have for playdates when the last 15 minutes are usually riddled with “Moooooom! They won’t let me swing!!!! Mooooooom!!!! When can I have a snack!!!!! Moooooom???”)

Red bandana sticks good for labeling all kinds of things.

Tissue paper pompoms LOVE!

Retro garden stakes What are you growing this year?

A little something special for your shoes I’m not cool enough to own Toms yet. Although I’ve been browsing the website, it’s hard for me to shop online for my feet for all kinds of reasons but this makes it worth the effort because I feel like I could get extra use out of an every day shoe with a little pizzaz.

Wood bud vase with salt There’s something about a salt dish on the table or near your cooking station that makes everything feel just a little bit classy.

Printable: Rainbow Our house is colored Rainbow every day because my daughter is in love with the pattern, color scheme and the rhyme that goes with it. She’s our expert sunshine maker šŸ™‚

DIY hot air balloon for barbies, snails and their rock collection. Set it off in style.

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