remotely working or working remotely

This morning I’m live blogging! Hi! I used to never schedule a post – I would just write as the wind blew directed me but time is limited nowadays.

We’re playing at DeAnna’s playhouse this morning and I’m using their WiFi to get a list of things done while the kids entertain themselves in a closed environment where no one gets hurt.

This is paramount as a mom and parks are involved. I’m not an anxious person … until you ask me to go to a wide open space with my children who have been in marathon sprinters training since beginning to walk. And now there are two of them. Which if you do the math is not actually doubling my chances of losing one of them … no – it’s exponential.

Deanna's Playhouse

We’ve been coming to DeAnna’s to play for a couple years now. The only downer, and it’s a big one, is the price. It’s $5 a head to play here (upside: no time limit once paid) but it’s $15 for us to play for a couple hours and rarely are there enough coupons floating around for me to make it here more than once a month, maybe every other.

Deanna's Playhouse

Deanna's Playhouse

But we have a blast here so it’s worth it when it’s in the budget for sure. We pack lunch and snacks – they offer free coffee and WiFi.

Ahhh, can you hear that? Productivity? I love you.

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  1. This has nothing to do with this post (although we love Deanna’s Playhouse too!), but I made a Summer Fun jar with my kids today! LOVED that idea and my four-year-old is SO excited about it!

  2. YES! We’ve been using ours – and I’m starting to think my daughter is reading them before she picks. We’ve had “Fountain” for like 3 days in a row, then BEACH, then Go swimming. I am not joking. Time to add some spice to this years jar šŸ™‚

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