If I could explain it, I would

Having a son is waaaaaaaaay different than having a daughter. Our son is three and has been a surprise in comedy ever since he was born.

There are so many times when the only appropriate reaction is laughing so hard we cry. Or we’re crying so hard that we laugh. Both are possible.

With our daughter (who is 6 1/2) I LOVE LOVE LOVED re-experiencing life through her eyes watching her intently discover objects, nature, her world. It was fascinating. She says the most thought provoking, witty and precious things. Just this morning we were getting coffee and she read the word “GOODS” that was written on the window.

The coffee shop was advertising it’s BAKED GOODS and she asked me what the first word was. I told her. She thought about it and reported: They spelled it wrong! It’s not BAKED GOODS, Mom. They should have said it’s BAKED GOOD because it’s delicious. Best bagels in town, she says!

Obviously. And man alive, I love her.

With him, he’s just starting to say thoughtful things that are letting us in on how his brain is working. He’s discovering his world too – but he’s so hands on while doing so. And unashamed for being interested in the smallest things. For taking time to look through the cracks.

So when someone asks me how I do it with two kids (which also, is not many children, I know … I have friends with more and I bow to them). How do I have the energy it takes?? How do I keep up? How? How? How? Well …

One. I don’t have an answer that ever satisfies them because I can’t explain it to someone who just doesn’t know. And that’s not a rude statement. I don’t understand someone trying to explain light physics in one sentence – why then is a mother supposed to simultaneously meet your expectations and manage them at the same time?

Two. I don’t have tricks to how I get through this. I have a sense of humor.

Three. The most important expectation to keep in check is my own.

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