Yesterday I woke up and didn’t stop until 9:30 last night. We were away from my computer/phone and spent the day outside looking at beautiful things.

Picking strawberries

Horse drawn carriage ride

red balloons

My mom grew up picking strawberries for a summer job. Also – Washington State has the best fresh strawberries in the world. IN THE WORLD. I just made that claim, yes I did. You can prove me wrong by sending me fresh berries from around the world.

PO BOX 1263
Holland, Mi 49422-1263

Just sayin.

I used to pick berries with my mom when I was little every summer and we’d make jams and pies and have fresh berries for all kinds of fun things. Like ice cream. And muffins. And just to eat because we had so many. The food of my childhood will always be a love language for me.

At the farm was a Summer celebration solstice thing somethingorother going on with free food, face painting and cotton candy. Oh and a horse drawn carriage ride. By this time of the day I had hot, tired kids who were happy to sit still (very still) for the strawberry face painting.


Picking strawberries

Picking strawberries

I wonder what my kids will remember most about our summers together as kids? The outings? Or the moments in between.

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